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Supplying Adhesive, Profile Wrapping Machines, Slitters, Flat Lamination Machines and Silicone Roller Replacements UK wide as well as a roller refurbishment service, Now selling MS Polymers and PU in 600ml aluminium sausages and 2800ml super sausages!






We are a highly experienced, professional and bespoke adhesive distribution company dedicated to finding your joinery or furniture business the right products at the right price. Following 25 years of working for multinational adhesive suppliers, our company understands the importance of providing a personal touch to product sales for small to medium sized businesses as well as multi-national accounts and a service that is punctual and convenient, allowing your company to seamlessly move forward with its production process.

At British Adhesives, we employ the Lean Six Sigma methodology for applications and manufacturing charging through the total cost of ownership as opposed to just price per kilo, in order to avoid waste and to ensure you receive a product aligning with your specifications. Working through the machine manufacturer and adhesive producers WPR, TAKA, Unicol and Zettex , you can be sure that, whether you need a certain type of reactive hotmelt, wood glue, EVA Hotmelt, Polyolefin, PU or MS Polymers or silicone roller replacements, we can cover any needs relating to hot melt adhesives or spare parts.

We provide detailed advice and make informed recommendations before clients purchase from us, so if you are in need of quality, bespoke adhesive products for your joinery business or furniture manufacturer, get in contact with British Adhesives today.

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Hot melt adhesive and silicone roller replacements in Lincolnshire and UK. Tony Rook headshot.



Having spent almost three decades working for large multinational adhesive manufacturers and distributors, we noticed an absence of a personal touch when dealing with small to medium sized companies – one that takes into account the unique circumstances of their manufacturing process. At British Adhesives, we aim to provide a service that treats each order on its own merits as a means of ensuring that our clients receive the right products at an optimal price.




We proudly distribute products from Machine Manufacturer and adhesive formulators WPR,TAKA, Unicol and Zettex, 3 companies are based in Italy.WPR/TAKA are a synergised conglomerate providing machinery for Flat Lamination, Profile wrapping and slitting as well as hot melt polyurethane adhesives to serve a variety of adhesive purposes. Their website provides you with a private portal to make personalised orders that, if made before 1pm, will arrive at your site the next day. Unicol are specialists in EVA and PO technology for edge banding and profile wrapping and Zettex from The Netherlands are producers of MS Polymers, PU, Cleaners, Expandable Foams and Silicones

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   hot melt adhesive distributor and silicone roller replacements in Lincolnshire and UK. Supplied by wpr taka 2.Silicone roller replacements and hot melt adhesive distributor in Lincolnshire and UK. wpr taka academy logo 2


Why Choose British Adhesives?

Silicone roller replacements and hot melt adhesive distributor in Lincolnshire and UK. Experience with industry.

Industry Experience

With nearly 30 years of experience in working for multinational adhesive manufacturers and distributors, our company possesses a deep level of knowledge regarding the industry and a vast network of third-party contacts capable of finding anything that you may need, from hot melt glue and PUR to silicone roller replacements. Rest assured, there is no adhesive product or spare part too rare or difficult to find for our team of dedicated experts. 

Hot melt adhesive distributor and silicone roller replacements in Lincolnshire and UK. Personal touch.

Personal Touch

For small to medium sized businesses specialising in joinery or other forms of manufacturing, locating a supplier that is both professional and bespoke can be difficult. At British Adhesives, our central goal is to distribute high-quality products in a way that takes into account the specific needs of a particular manufacturer. We believe strongly in personally speaking with clients to offer guidance and recommendations over what products would best suit their demands.

Silicone roller replacements and hot melt adhesive distributor in Lincolnshire and UK. Quality adhesives and rollers.

Quality Products

Whether you require PVAc adhesive, Reactive Hot Melt, adhesives for edge banding or spare parts of any kind, our wide range of contacts, both in-house and third party, are sure to find you the ideal product. Our extensive experience with multinational manufacturers and distributors means that we always mandate a rigorous quality control process for every item we send, so you can be sure that what you receive reflects precisely what you have asked for.



Hot melt adhesive and silicone roller replacements in Lincolnshire and UK. Adrian Lord headshot.



Our UK based engineer:

Adrian Lord

A profile wrapping specialist having spent over 20 years in the industry.

07860 617086


Another successful part of WPR/Taka UK team is Adhesive Solutions Limited

ASL specialise in sales of WPR machines and Taka adhesives into the UK PVC profile and Lamination markets

In the 15 years of partnership with WPR/Taka, ASL have become the number supplier of adhesive and profile lamination machines Into the UK and Irish markets.

Mike Dean the owner of ASL has successful track record of over 20 years of adhesive sales and key account management. We look forward to working with Mike and the team at ASL!

Along with the recent addition of Adrian Lord in technical support role

We believe the WPR/TAKA UK team are able to offer UK customers unrivalled adhesive and machinery experience and knowledge 

If you have a PVC Profile adhesive or machine enquiry 

Please contact

Mike Dean

Adhesive Solutions Limited

Tel 7738 479399





Where We Work

We are based in Lincolnshire near Hull, next to the M62 motorway, and distribute all over the UK and Ireland. Our company has a UK-based engineer providing same day service and an online portal enabling companies to receive next day delivery on products that are ordered before 1pm.

If you require spare parts such as silicone roller replacements or any kind of hot melt adhesive products, PUR , HMMC or even machinery such as Profile Wrappers, Flat Lamination, Drum Unloaders get in touch with British Adhesives for a bespoke, professional service.

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