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Hot Melt Adhesives, Profile Wrapping Machinery, Flat Lamination Machines, Drum Unloaders, Slot Coating Heads, Slitting Machines and Silicone Roller Replacements, silicone, EPDM, Nitrile and all other rubber compound roller replacements As well as roller refurbishment collection and delivery service based in Lincolnshire UK, Now supplying MS Polymers, PU in 600ml aluminium sausages as well as Festool and Holzher EVA cartridges





British Adhesives

Quality Adhesives Delivered With a Personal Touch

Welcome to British Adhesives, an adhesive and machinery broker company specialising in distributing first-class products for small to medium sized businesses as well as multi-national accounts in the furniture and woodwork industry. Working closely with companies WPR,TAKA, Unicol & Quilosa, our team of professionals can cater to all manufacturing needs, from adhesives for edge banding and silicone roller replacements, silicone, EPDM, Nitrile and all other rubber compound roller replacements to flat lamination and roller coating, As well as PU and MS Polymers in 600ml sausages

Following 25 years of experience in the multinational adhesive distribution industry, we have a remarkable range of contacts capable of sourcing all kinds of adhesive products along with spare parts. Moreover, our company recognises the need to provide a personal touch to its service, offering professional advice and informed recommendations to businesses regarding what products would best suit their particular manufacturing process.

At British Adhesives, we price items through total cost of ownership as opposed to price per kilo in order to optimise productivity, so you can be sure that, with us, you will get the best possible deal. Why not get in contact with us today and see what we can do for your joinery or furniture company.

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Our Adhesives

We take pride in our ability to distribute adhesive products at extremely short notice for a wide variety of purposes in the furniture and woodwork industry. Along with working with WPR,TAKA, Unicol & Quilosa, who provide an impeccable standard of hot melt adhesive, Reactive hotmelts, PU, MS Polymers , PO and PVAc adhesives, our team has a number of third-party contacts capable of meeting any demands you may have. We specialise in providing Reactive Hot Melt, flat lamination machines, wrapping lines, PVAc and polyamide, although our network of experts can ensure that any manufacturing needs can be met with precision.

Our list of adhesives includes:

  • PVAc adhesives
  • Reactive Hot Melt
  • Hot melt adhesive
  • Holzher EVA cartridges
  • Festool EVA cartridges
  • PVAc

  • MS Polymers 600ml
  • PU Adhesive 600ml
  • Polyamide & Polyolefin
  • Profile wrapping and edge banding
  • Flat lamination & roller coating






METOBOND 1-1 Data Sheet


METOFIX 3-1 Data Sheet



Silicone roller replacements and hot melt adhesive distributor in Lincolnshire and UK. Our Sigma Six Pricing.


Using the Lean Six Sigma methodology we can make a technology shift from PVAc to HMMC and show a saving in production costs through a customised approach that takes into account the needs of each individual customer. By pricing through total cost of ownership as opposed to price per kilo, the given value of the item aligns closer with its productive value, allowing for the customer to receive a deal reflecting the exact amount asked for, while the supplier optimises productivity through avoiding unnecessary losses.

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For a first-class, bespoke service providing adhesives and spare parts such as silicone roller replacements, silicone, EPDM, Nitrile and all other rubber compound roller replacements for Large, small to medium sized companies in the furniture and woodwork industry, get in contact with British Adhesives.

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